Fresh iOS App of Wikipedia’s features a superior Design, puts in Social attributes With “Fact Cards” that are sharable

iOS wikipedia app

The Wikimedia institution has been increasingly evening out modernizations of the Wikipedia cell phone experience in the latest months, and nowadays that inclination carries on with the organization evening out a pristine iOS app. This issue is concentrated on enhancements of the visual design of the Wikipedia app, enhanced search, and incorporates the social attributes that let you share images ...

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Standalone Messenger app meant for the web/internet launched by Facebook

Standalone Messenger app

Today Facebook initiated Facebook Messenger online. If this seems puzzling it is rightly so. Even as Messenger is already offered on the website and named Facebook Chat, the company is currently presenting a standalone app at Basically Facebook wishes for a standalone Facebook Messenger online browser experience that is totally disconnected from the remainder of the social network. ...

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Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist


Crowdfunding has helped launching countless dreams that might not have become true with traditional methods of financing. Still, there is not a single way which guarantees that your crowdfunding quest will be a success unless you have distilled the key strategies that really work for launching a successful campaign. From telling your story to rewarding the backers, this infographic helps ...

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Highball – the refined iPhone App For refined Cocktails

Highball app

The latest iPhone on the block is Highball and it is a product of Studio Neat, producers of cool things that vary from tripod mount for Glif Smartphone, to stylus from the Cosmonaut, to the Neat see-through ice cube generation set. This app premised in proportion to their newest product, which include ice kits and the straightforward Syrup Kits, offering ...

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Microsoft Office Lens app initiated for android, iOS

Microsoft Office Lens app

On Thursday Microsoft stated that it is getting one of its trendiest apps, with which people can take snaps of a file and make it an editable file, to iPhone of apple and Android of Google. This app, named Office Lens, has been already made available on phones that run Windows, but have not has much exposure considering the tiny ...

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