Facebook Messenger App currently comes with Free Video Calling

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook made an announcement that its Messenger app currently comes with a video calling attribute for you to be able to have face-to-face dialogues with your family members and friends. You are able to quickly begin a video call from Facebook Messenger through a single tap. A video icon is located at the top right area of the monitor that ...

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Apple initiates Apple Watch App Store having over 3,000 apps

Watch App Store

A look at some of the release notes for a number of latest iOS app updates will reveal that developers have inaudibly been putting in Apple wristwatch support for a period of two weeks now. Now, Apple is publicly removing the wraps from the Apple wristwatch arm of App Store, making it available through Apple wristwatch app on iPhones 5, ...

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Facebook brings in Hello, which is an app to act as a replacement for Android dialer

facebook hello app

Phone calls could be something that is not so fashionable now and even then American residents make a billion phone calls daily. However making calls is not that good an experience as phones do not always identify numbers, contacts are able to tough to handle, and they hardly ever capitalize on more up-to-date technologies such as Wi-Fi calling. Presently Facebook ...

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Fresh iOS App of Wikipedia’s features a superior Design, puts in Social attributes With “Fact Cards” that are sharable

iOS wikipedia app

The Wikimedia institution has been increasingly evening out modernizations of the Wikipedia cell phone experience in the latest months, and nowadays that inclination carries on with the organization evening out a pristine iOS app. This issue is concentrated on enhancements of the visual design of the Wikipedia app, enhanced search, and incorporates the social attributes that let you share images ...

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