Recently Launched Mobile App By Ritz-Carlton Chain Of Hotels Included With Interesting Features

App By Ritz-Carlton

When a mobile app was recently launched by the Ritz-Carlton chain of hotels, it was included with a fresh ‘travel poster’ facet designed for selfie lovers to permit them to organize their personal images by means of special filters, titles as well as stamps to produce retro placards of their earlier times and share them on a social media network. ...

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OS X Yosemite let loose, offered immediately on Mac App Store for Free Download

OS X Yosemite

Following the media event of today in which fresh iPads and a fresh Retina iMac were introduced, Apple let loose the OS X Yosemite, following more than a few months of beta testing. Initially brought in at WWDC in the month of June, OS X Yosemite is going to be to the Mac what iOS 7 was to iOS devices. The ...

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Municipal Council to shortly Launch Mobile App for Ending Parking Miseries

Municipal Council

People of Delhi who frequent busy market places such as Khan Market and Connaught Place would be getting a break from the constant parking miseries with the impending launch of a mobile app which would be letting people to reserve their parking spaces beforehand. This app is going to be launched by the Delhi Municipal Council. According to an NDMC ...

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The Apps “Push” And “Drop,” Work With the Help of Push Notification

The Apps “Push” And “Drop

With the two fresh applications, Drop and Push, you can avoid downloading multiple news apps browsing many websites simply to stay even with the topics which interest you. However what does make these couple of apps dissimilar, when weighed against news aggregators / added mobile news readers is that they mainly function by the use of push notifications. The apps ...

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Developing Easy Physics Enabled 2d Games With Levelhelper2

2d Games With Levelhelper2

Having an efficient level editor tool is essential for designing or developing your games. Moreover having all the required tools in one place makes any project more successful. LevelHelper2 makes it possible for you to create different levels for your game in no time making it one of the most efficient and trusted level editor tools that are available in ...

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Yovo – The Photo-Sharing App Which Prevents A User From Taking Screenshots Of Your Pics

iOS app Yovo

Though the trendy photo sharing app Snapchat might inform you when the receiver of your image captures a screenshot it does not really make it tougher to capture that screenshot. Fresh iOS app Yovo is on the look out to change that. Formed by privacy software corporation ContentGuard, it makes of a fresh solution for protecting your photographs from screenshots: as it is ...

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What Mobile Bingo Apps Have to Offer

Mobile Bingo Apps

If you’re looking to play real money games on your mobile as well as the puzzler games like Cut the Rope, Monument Valley and Threes, then bingo is a great value choice. While you might be in line for a top cash prize each time you play a game of bingo, you only ever need to put down a small ...

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Google brings out News & Weather app for Apple’s iOS

News & Weather app for Apple’s iOS

Google has developed its news and weather app from so that it is now compatible with the iOS world. Brought out on Tuesday for the iOS operating system of Apple, this app named just Google News & Weather exhibits the existing weather and most recent common news headline in its home screen. From here, you are able to roll down the ...

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Facebook Working on App to Allow Anonymity

Facebook Working on App to Allow Anonymity

It’s been a long time that facebook has been attempting to be the place where, primarily, you can be yourself. Shortly, Facebook is going to let you be yourself, though under a dissimilar name. As said by a couple of individuals briefed on Facebook’s plans, who did speak on the clause of anonymity since they weren’t given the authorization to ...

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Apple’s Health App – What It Is and Is Not Able to Do

Apple’s Health App

Apple’s fresh Health app is now actively working on the most recent version of the iOS 8, but what is it that is this app is able to do for you? The primary thing to recognize is that this Health app is unable to track information on its own, i.e. as of now. It is an amasser, implying that it gets info from ...

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