Bug Found In The Ios 8 Healthkit Of Apple, Holding Up The Launch Of Third-Party App

Ios 8 Healthkit

According to a statement made by the company on Wednesday a bug inside Apple’s HealthKit, which works at the back-end of iOS 8, is holding up the launch of the fitness and health apps of outside developers. HealthKit is a fresh tool in iOS 8 designed for developers to allow their apps to interact with the native health apps of ...

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App for Integrating the Sleepio Programme With Ios 8’s Healthkit For Even Better Sleep

Sleepio app joins iOS 8's HealthKit

Sleepio, the digital sleep aid programme which is tailor made for insomniacs and people having trouble sleeping generally is today letting loose an app together with the initiation of iOS 8 to combine with Apple’s HealthKit. This app, which will let users access all the aspects that Sleepio subscribers get, includes well thought-out suggestion on how to get a better ...

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Could A Phone App Actually Tell Whether A Suspect Mole Is Cancerous?

phone app really tell if that mole is cancerous

Last week saw the uncovering of the Apple Watch — an improvement on the conventional timepiece, which does not just tell you whether you are late, but also is included with “apps”, several of which has a health theme. Apps have revolutionized the way in which we make use of phones. The earlier apps focused on info and provided immediate access ...

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Hikers Improve The Halfmile Pct App Meant For The Pacific Crest Trail

Halfmile Pct App

Hiking down the length of the Pacific Crest pathway this summer, Lon Cooper appears similar to a human edition of Google Street View car. Coming out from the side of his filled backpack is a gray colored pipe having a tiny, but broad, circular top. The antenna is set approximately 3 inches out from his pack’s top and appears similar ...

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Savemepro – The App For Saving Yourself From A Situation


A middle school student aged 12 produced a fresh mobile app that which the power button of all Android phones into an effective panic button. Dylan Puccetti, the discoverer of the SaveMePro app hopes that I is going to save a person’s life someday. When your phone is locked and you hit its power button eight number of times, it dispatches ...

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New Jawbone App Announced and This Will Be Compatible With Almost All Smart Phones

New Jawbone App

A complimentary, multi-platform edition of the Jawbone UP app is going to be offered this month and will open the people using the UP to various Android Wear devices, Pebble and Apple made smart watches by, all wearable devices associated with the Health app for the iOS 8 and even all compatible smart phones. This move reveal an inclination in ...

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UberDriver App Can Still Be Downloaded and Used Though The Link For Downloading It Is Defunct

Uberdriver App

The UberDriver app has seeped out. There is presently no way left to Uber to stop it from getting distributed. And according to the heads of a couple of Boston based startups dedicated to app development and safety this is a major violation that casts doubt on the decision-making of the biggest name in the ridesharing industry. AppBlade President James Daniels ...

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The App That Allows Absolute Strangers To Awake Wake You From Your Sleep

walkie mobile app

If you awoke to the sound of an unfamiliar person’s voice, is it going to get you out of your bed pretty quick? That is the thing that makers of Wakie, the new mobile app, are depending on. The Windows and Android Phone app allows absolute strangers to dial up fanatics of the snooze button to lend them a hand them in getting ...

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Smart Phone And Iphone App To Help In Dealing With Indigenous Early Life Suicide

Iphone App

According to Queensland University School of medicine researcher Dr Maree Toombs Gatekeepers together with a smart phone app are the keys to dealing with Indigenous early life suicide. An assignment led by Dr Toombs has just been given over $800,000 in subsidy from the Federal Government due to the NHMRC’s Targeted request for a Research plan which is meant to ...

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New App Launched By North East ISD

North East ISD

According to a statement made by North East ISD it has initiated a novel mobile app meant for parents, students as well as community members for connecting to district resources. This mobile app is complimentary and for use on Android and Apple devices. This app lets users access to the up-to-the-minute news, events as well as sports scores of the ...

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