Yik Yak Reaches Big Valuation in an Year

Yik Yak

Yik Yak, the hot nameless-messaging app which has extended speedily over college campuses, is evidence that a year is all it takes these days for reaching a valuation worth millions of dollars starting from zero. Sequoia Capital has made an investment of $62 million in Yik Yak in the third funding round of this startup that’s based in Atlanta. Though ...

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The Alliance of Washington and Amazon Launches Free App Meant For Kindle

Amazon Launches Free App

Lately one of the concerns of The Washington Post has been about lessening “cognitive overhead, which mentions the number of times that a reader must decide or take actions before they can get what they would like. This principle was the factor that decided the one-click purchasing system of Amazon. And it’s among the ideas that guide a fresh app ...

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Honk – The App That Might Offer Quicker Roadside Assistance than AAA

Honk App

A new app that’s getting launched today guarantees to offer speedy roadside assistance that matches the promptness that Lyft and Uber offers in calling over an app-based cab. The app, honk is the second app after AAA offering roadside help that has no need for a subscription, presents flat rates and speedier response time, which is within 15 to 30 ...

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The Grade – The New Dating App That Grades Your Online Behavior

New Dating App

When you happened to be a school student, an awful grade might have got you worried and provoked a speech from your parents. A fresh dating app that Snap Interactive has launched this week gives letter grades on the basis of a completely diverse set of decisive factors. This app, named The Grade, intends to pick the online daters who are ...

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Snapcash – A Snapchat Release That Let Send Payments to Friends


Snapchat today declare d a surprise joint venture with Square which will lets users of this photo app send payments to each other. In a comment that it posted on a blog, the company announced that the fresh feature, named ‘Snapcash,’ lets users send money directly to the bank accounts of friends using Square. Having put in your debit card to ...

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The Search App of Google That’s Meant for Android Undergoes Material Design Update and Gets New Features

Google’s Search App For Android

The Google app meant for Android, one which deals with your voice searches, Updates on Google Now, is undergoing an update today which brings the novel Material Design UI of Google to this app for the devices already running Android Lollipop. This update also brings in numerous features which will be accessible on all Android phones and this is going ...

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New App of Taylor Swift Gives a Hint of What Music Videos Could Become In the Years Ahead

App of Taylor Swift

This week was a big one for Taylor Swift who in addition to discarding Spotify, made the album 1989 which recorded added sales in its introductory week than all albums since 2002. Currently, she’s tipping off at the upcoming times of music videos. Along with her video “Blank Space” she’s initiating an app which provides fans with access to an ...

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Fireeye Reveals Apple Cell Phone Devices’ Vulnerability to App Attack

Fireeye Reveals Apple Cell Phone

According to a prominent security company of the Silicon Valley Apple cell phone devices are able to give away users’ information through an assault utilizing apps issued outside the App Store of the company. FireEye revealed in a blog post about its statement to Apple in month of July that devices utilizing its iOS cell phone operating system, like the ...

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Antix App Which Mechanically Takes Out Your Most Exciting Cam Videos Based On an Algorithm

Antix App

The architects of a fresh app named Antix has a point to make: many hours of cam videos possibly lie unused on the hard drives or memory cards of people, simply since the things that one must to watch them like choosing the most fascinating scenes and disposing of the ones having little or no value is simply too boring and ...

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Runtastic’s App Called Sleep Better App Aims to Provide Users with a Good Night’s Sleep

Runtastic's Sleep Better app

Runtastic, which is best identified for its fitness apps as well as hardware, has just uncovered its foremost sleep-tracking app named Sleep Better. This app, which is accessible for both Android and iPhone, offers the majority of the features which you would be expecting. You are able to keep a track on the general quality of your nap by putting ...

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