WineGlass App Turns Inexperienced wine Drinker into Experts


How is a normal person able to make out what Cote de Beaune, Coche-Dury Auxey-Duresses means? Is it supposed to be a white or red wine? Immediately Lindsay discovered a chance in the marketplace for an app which may perhaps make it simpler for anybody to distinguish a bottle of wine that is worth its price from a con price. ...

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New Imogi iPhone App Allows You to Turn Any Photo into an Emoji

Imoji App

Now you can turn any photograph into emoji and the credit goes to a new app. The Imogi app that was placed on the App Store this Thursday allows iOS users to turn the photos which they capture, or save, into emojis for use in iMessage. Furthermore, users have the option of making a sticker private or making it public ...

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PlaceUs Location Sharing App Could Be Used in Emergency

PlaceUS App

At a time when the relevance of location sharing seems to have weaned off, a new location sharing app has been launched. PlaceUs is a product from Alohar Mobile which has been founded by ex-Googler Sam Liang. What PlaceUs does is that it lets you share your location with your nearest friends and family members – the ones you possibly ...

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Target Introduces Image-identifying App for Shopping

Target App

Target is launching an app by which users will be able to purchase products after having scanned magazine advertisements with the help of their smartphones. This is the most modern offer from dealers wanting to boost up sales by making use of the developing image-recognition know-how. Beginning this month, this app, named ‘In a Snap,’ will identify images of the ...

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NoGo App Helps You Select Healthier Food

NoGo App

To be able to exercise self-control can be tough, particularly if it’s the case of refusing to give in to your much loved culpable pleasures. However credit goes to researchers of the University of Wollongong for an app that is able to help retraining your brain for making healthier food selections. According to Associate Professor Stuart Johnstone, the way in ...

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Flayvr Rebrands as MyRoll – Aims to Become Default Mobile Gallery


Three months following a funding of $2 million, the Tel Aviv-based startup company known for its Flayvr photo album app, is going through some big changes. The company recently rebranded itself as MyRoll initiating a modernized edition of its apps for use in Android and iOS that will help users relive their default smartphone photo gallery experience. MyRoll keeps the ...

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Boston Mayor Opposes Haystack Parking App


Haystack, a new mobile app by which the drivers are able to trade community parking spaces in exchange for cash have been publicly opposed by the Boston officials but they have not taken any steps to stop the app from operating. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh charged the Baltimore-based startup Haystack who is making this app of artificially increasing prices ...

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MTailor’s Mobile App that can make you a Custom-Fit Shirt for merely $69

MTailor’s Mobile App

MTailor is a new sort of Fashion Company that offers reasonably priced, custom-fit clothing for you. It does so by taking the measurement of customers via mobile apps, thereby removing a great deal of the costs involving measurements of customers that have to be taken. In fact, by using the services of MTailor you are able to design and buy ...

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Developer Bungie Making an App Better User Experience of its Game “Destiny”

Bungie's 'Destiny' app

The last small number of years has witnessed the emergence of a lot of apps for phones as well as tablets that keeps in touch with a game in some manner. There are steadfast companion apps for Assassin’s Creed IV, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Black Flag, and Dead Rising 3 with the intention of letting the user experience the game ...

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GoDaddy Acqui-Hires Smart Calendaring App Canary’s Founders


In a drive to serve the requirements of small business holders, GoDaddy seems to be expanding its service with acquisition of Canary, a smart calendaring service. This is better put as an acqui-hire instead of acquisition since GoDaddy has no plans of introducing the Canary app into its present product list. Nevertheless, GoDaddy confirms that this app won’t be closed ...

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