QualityTime app – the Android App which lets you find out the amount of time that You Spend with Your smartphone

QualityTime app for Android

In the previous year, a study carried out by Bank of America carried revealed that almost 50 percent half of adults in USA are not going to go through their day without a smartphone. Those who wish to find out the amount of time that one spends with his/her smartphone should have a look at the QualityTime app meant for ...

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BBC News app to offer a more custom-made service

News app of BBC

The News app of BBC has undergone a major revamp and the objective is to provide a more “custom-made” service. Besides the sections that were there, which include Top Stories user can now insert specific feeds that they like, examples being Taylor Swift, Apps, Oban and Genetics. The restoration is element of a wider drive, which is also going to ...

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Memo – The App for Office Chat


Memo, which is a fresh messaging app, wishes to modernize office chat. The app made its debut on the Apple App Store in the previous month, and pursues the fresh trend of nameless messaging apps, such as Secret, Whisper, & Facebook’s Rooms. Whereas the popularity of these has begun waning Memo could have something which the others do not and ...

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Under Armour uncovers UA Record, which is a health-fitness app

UA Record

Under Armour is about to launch a new app with the objective of to aggregating health and fitness information of users from various devices. This app is being made public at the CES in Las Vegas and is going to be offered on the App / Google Play store. According to a statement made by the company in a news ...

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Start-Ups trying to penetrate ‘Deep-Linking’ barricades Between Apps and Web

Deep-Linking barricades Between Apps and Web

Trying to find your way online meant carefully typing out the precise address you wished for into your PC. The internet/web browser and search engine made this simple and made what internet is today. Presently, all over Silicon Valley, companies ranging from small start-ups to titans such as Facebook and Google are working to bring this minimalism to smart phones ...

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Safety Checklist implemented by Uber for users of this app in Chicago

In the wake of allegations of sexual attack against a few Uber drivers, operators of this ride sharing app have put a fresh safety checklist for users of the app in Chicago into operation. What this “Safe Ride Checklist” does is remind the people riding to check that the license plate number given on the app is the same as ...

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Uber being given a lifeline with Delhi lifting its prohibition on taxi-hailing app


Delhi has decided on rules which would be letting apps for hailing cabs such as Ola and Uber to function in the countrywide capital, looking forward to bring just about one month of insecurity about their standing to its conclusion. According to it they can function as per the rules intended for radio taxis, though not everyone was pleased with ...

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The majority of Downloads made of Windows Phone App have been done by ‘Low- Memory’ Devices

Downloads made of Windows Phone App

New data from Microsoft imply that developers of app meant for the Windows Phone platform ought to perhaps give a tad more importance to lower-powered devices. As Microsoft did find out in its study of downloads made from Windows Store starting from this just completed November, 71% of every app download originated from what it depicts as “low-memory devices.” A ...

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Grooveshark Intends To Evade Legal Hassles with New App

grooveshark app

Grooveshark has enhanced a fresh online radio station app which will allow you to produce your own custom-made radio stations while not bugging the record companies. Scheduled to be released in January, the fresh Broadcasts app will allow you to generate and use custom radio stations & text in the company of fellow users while you listen to your much ...

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Uber Isn’t Protected: Delhi Taxi Rape Reveals Blemishes in App-Based Services

Uber App

For those pursuing the frightening information of the rape of a woman executive aged 27 in Delhi, it isn’t merely the fact that it happened in a metropolitan area that is upsetting, it is the truth that the taxi involved was a Uber taxi, which is an app for booking taxies that has gradually gained status as a more protected, ...

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