Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Google Photos app offers unlimited uploads

Google Photos app

Google is extending photo sharing, through a new app for Android and apple as well as the Web. With Google Photos, offered gratis today at Google Play & Apple app store, this search giant is ready to be as good as or even better then Facebook, the top photo-sharing website, through an app that intends to assemble all images hot ...

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‘TowIt’ – the app for calling out Cars that have been parked badly

TowIt App

When you notice a parked car riding the curb you are free to leave a vicious message on its windshield. And if you own the app TowIt, you may well capture a snap and (theoretically) have it flagged for an excellent towin’. This aggressive app, which can be got in Apple and Google versions, enables residents to report self-seeking/ unlawful ...

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App for helping people getting pulled over for drunk driving


Presently a new Smartphone app is there that would provide you with legal representation in case of a DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a grave subject and the inventor of the App has stated that it has not been made to dismiss this issue. Initially you depress “trouble” and subsequently “get in touch with your legal representative.” ...

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Mr. Byttow, a Founder of Secret, announces the shutting down of this Anonymous Social App

Mr. Byttow

During the summer that has passed, workers at Secret, the start-up, got together in their new workplaces in downtown San Francisco and waited for its founders to deal with the company. In recent times Secret had been able to raise $25 million for working on its Smartphone app and this allows users to secretly share info with sets of friends ...

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