Monthly Archives: June 2015

Buffalo Museum announces new app

Buffalo Museum app

Buffalo Museum is the sixth oldest art museum in the United States of America. They recently launched an innovative app that is aimed at the next-gen art enthusiasts and the authorities are hoping the kids and teens who experience the app will take an interest in history and art. The museum always takes pride in the cutting edge innovations and ...

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Cell phone App Looie for finding hygienic toilets In New York City comes for a Price

Cell phone App Looie

An elite club is about to form and it has the keys to the most hygienic bathrooms in New York City. A fresh app named Looie will shortly offer access to the spotless bathrooms all over lower Manhattan. It comes with a catch, however, which is a monthly subscription of $25. The procedure is straightforward. Shell out $25, download the ...

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Circa News shuts down indefinitely

Circa News

Circa News is known by people as an app that was supposed to change the way read news. It was founded back in 2011 and had received in excess of $5.7 million as funding through venture capitalists. The CEO and founder Matt Galligan announced the indefinite hiatus of the app due to a lack of funding. It seems unlikely that ...

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New launched by Calgary police mobile app

Calgary police mobile app

A complementary mobile app has been launched by Calgary Police and this lets citizens study police news that has been released, offer tips and report crimes that are not emergencies. According to Guy Slater IT spokesperson for CPS, everywhere, all-time access is here. He added that in a cell phone world they wished giving citizens a diverse way of interacting ...

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Taxi Commission of NYC accepts fresh Rules meant for App-Based Car Services

Taxi Commission of NYC

The taxi regulatory organization of New York City on Monday commended new rules directing the way in which Uber and additional app-based car services function within the 5 boroughs. Fraction of the suggestion collectively passed lets the companies update their apps with no need of consent of regulators, which is an amendment from the originally proposed rules. This is a ...

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Study reveals that Developers utilize Minor Updates for Resurrecting iOS Apps experience bad performance

Devs Use Minor Updates

App updates can be termed deliberate tool that developers use to perk up declining interest in their software and trigger downloads. That is among the conclusions from a research by some Italian scholars checking on how app developers make use of updates for drawing attention, and how successful this approach is on iOS vs Android. This research paper, given the ...

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Google authenticates attainment of Agawi, an expert in Streaming Native cell phone Apps

Google authenticates attainment of Agawi

Native apps are preferred over the web by Smartphone users seeking information, entertainment, & more. Thus it is not surprising for one of the companies profiting the utmost from the use of the web by people is seeking ways to get them to use it more another time. Going by the Information, in the previous year Google furtively get their ...

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Some of the Apple Watch Apps That can be got Now

Apple Watch Apps

At the annual developer conference that was held recently, Apple, as a part of a drive to jump-start the manufacture of apps for Apple Watch, announced a kit of software tools that will make it possible for developers to generate more highly developed programs for this new gadget. But even as we wait as this is a software upgrade that ...

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Citizen Service app launched

Citizen Service app

The Obama administration has set up the US Digital Service to help various federal agencies shift to digital systems. The app was created with a $100 million funding to back their efforts. These digital services are also being rolled to citizen facing mobile apps. The decision to go digital was due to the fact that 53% of all the digital ...

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Google launches a ‘Free App of the week’ section on the Play Store

Free App of the week

To celebrate the launch of the new ‘Family’ section on the Google Play Store, Google has announced an ongoing offer that will allow users to get their hands on one app a week for completely free. As you can expect the titles will be completely child friendly. Apple has been offering iOS apps for free for quite some time every ...

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