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Hangouts 4.0 leaks once more, fresh app allows the initiation of voice messages via Android Wear

Hangouts 4.0

A fresh version of Hangouts is headed towards Android devices shortly. Identified as Hangouts 4.0, an experience of the things to look forward to was got in an earlier leak as well as in the iOS app launched some weeks back. Bringing fresh features such as upload of many photos and fresh Material user interface, people can now avail this ...

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Take This Quiz: Are You A Micromanager?

You read all the literature on micromanagement. You avoid forcing your ideas on your colleagues and friends whenever possible. But you still worry about whether or not you are coming across in a helpful, positive light. …Or maybe this quiz suddenly appeared in your inbox from an anonymous sender? According to a survey from the book My Way or the ...

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Yahoo Releases Livetext, which is the app for Silent Video Messaging

Yahoo Releases Livetext

Situations some when you are unable to video chat, be it inside the work place or riding during while you are on the move. Yahoo Inc. declared the release of an app, this Wednesday. This app blends texting and live video. This app lets users see one another live & text on android & iPhone. According to the company this ...

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Q13 FOX initiates pristine cell phone news app


A pristine way of getting the news you wish for and the vital information you require regardless of your location is there. Q13 FOX has been successful in rolling out a wholly redesigned and re- envisaged cell phone news app for your tablet and phone. Though the former app did cater to your requirements following 4 long years of customary ...

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Look for or a toilet for the public produce app

Look for or a toilet for the public produce app

In the midst of a torrent of apps elbowing for space within a smart phone, this is one that is going to make you send a hushed letter of appreciation to its architects whenever you click it and lend you a hand in locating the public toilet in the closest proximity and even informs you on its cleanliness. This is ...

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Ethnic and religious mobile dating app launched in India

Ethnic mobile dating app

A mobile dating service has been launched in Russia that follows religious and ethnic criteria. The app mostly focuses on the eastern traditions and aimed mostly at polygamous relationships. It can help you find a new wife in just a few taps on your smartphone. The service is being called “”. To be eligible for the service one has to ...

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Grids- the Instagram app is now available for Mac

Instagram app

Instagram is used by people in diverse ways, and it has become understandable that a great many more than what the company ever expected are really fond of seeing their Instagram compilation on the desktop. Instagram facilitates an utilitarian kind of desktop interaction, though an incredibly handsome app named Grids arrived for Mac some months back and this made watching Instagram a ...

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Hands-On With ‘News’ App of Apple brought into iOS 9 Beta 3

iOS 9 Beta 3

Apple just brought out the 3rd beta of iOS 9 for developers this morning and this has a number of noteworthy modifications of the OS, which include the fresh Apple News app. Initially launched at the international Developers Conference that held in the month of June, “News” supplies curated catalogs of custom-made news content for all iOS users, supplying up ...

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Have Hands-on experience with the new News app of Apple in iOS 9 [Gallery]

iOS 9 beta 3

Earlier today Apple pressed on iOS 9 beta 3 to the developers, with the company’s fresh News app included in it. The app had been launched back at WWDC in the month before, but had been part of the first couple of beta builds of iOS 9. News features a Flipboard sort of magazine interface having big images and simple ...

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The app that lets you know the name of those who Unfriends You on Facebook

This App Tells You Who Unfriends You On Facebook

Are you aware of the person who had had removed you from his/her list of friends on Face book and their reason for this? Well an android and iPhone app is there for that, which comes with a browser extension for accomplishing the job. Given the name of “Who Deleted Me on Face book” this is an app that can ...

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