Monthly Archives: August 2015

A “welcome to country app” welcoming travellers to experience the beauties hidden in a given country

welcome to country app

A new Australian app from the local indigenous developer known as “Welcome to Country” provides Australian visitors a warm welcome to the country along with a great deal of information about Australia. This free welcoming app notifies users with an informative video in which a knowledge carrier will greet them to the country. This app already incorporated with 37 different ...

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Facebook Moments update allows you to make music videos

Facebook music videos

Facebook released its latest version of the app, ‘Facebook Moments’ on Monday. The social network giant recently launched the photo sharing app recently to share photos among friends and the latest update brings forth a new feature through which users will be able to make music videos by stitching together photos from their Facebook account. The app automatically does this ...

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Microsoft launches Cortana Beta for Android

Cortana Beta for Android

One of the biggest promises of Windows 10 has been the ability to connect across all the platforms and allow users to have a streamlined movement through PCs, tablets, Xbox Ones and phones. Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has been one of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 and it is being rolled out for Android. The cross platform experience is ...

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Google launches new search app

Google launches new search app

Google launches ‘House’, the latest app to join their large catalog of apps. The new product is aimedat people using smartphones and helps them find content on Google Search, Google Photos, and Google Maps and also search YouTube. Google India Marketing Director announced the product in India and the global launch was expected to take place soon.   According to ...

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Nuance set to launch mobile version of its Dragon Dictation app

Dragon Dictation app

Nuance has been behind some of the top dictation software ever made, and its Dragon Dictation app has been well received by critics and users alike since its inception. The Dragon app was meant for PC users but later on, it was integrated into Firefox OS and Swype keyboard on iOS and Android. Nuance is now planning to launch its ...

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Kick it out lets loose cell phone app for aiding fans in reporting racist abuse

Kick it out football app

A cell phone app designed to let football supporters report chauvinistic and additional abuse right away and put together photographs, audio, video, / screen shots has been let loose by the anti-discrimination movement organization of the game, called Kick It Out. The facility of attaching facts of such occurrence, which is frequently essential to securing corrective or unlawful action against ...

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Facebook working on an app that would be sending out alerts of breaking news to your phone


Facebook keeps on making its space in the information game, and presently this company is putting together a cell phone app that would be sending alerts of breaking news directly to your phone, according to a report of Business Insider. This stand-alone app remains at a premature phases, but is going to reportedly request users to pick the publications they ...

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Moodnotes – the journaling app for iOS that may well act as a stand-in for a therapist

Moodnotes app

Moodnotes is a fresh app for iOS whose objective is to keep track of your feelings and moods via journaling. Ii can be downloaded for $3.99 to download and functions by notifying you daily to give your general mood a rating using a modifiable smiley face. Based on your reaction, it asks you two appropriate questions to aid you in ...

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Jewish-Arab school of Jerusalem being the target on GPS app of Google

Google-owned GPS app

A blended Jewish-Arab school of Jerusalem would be complaining to law enforcement regarding a threatening statement posted on a navigation app owned by Google, with the number of hate crimes committed by far-right Israelis on the rises. The comment “The Bilingual School – we wish that Their Names are removed” was put in, in Hebrew, to where the school is ...

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