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Condemn Kim is how you support same sex marriage in the virtual world

Condemn Kim

The Kentucky county lawyer has been made fun of, by the game developers residing in Orlando. The lawyer has been reported to be rejecting the requests of same sex marriage. The game that has been developed by the four software developers has been named, ‘Condemn Kim’. This particular android game has been downloaded 7000 times already, within a span of ...

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OLA opens up their personalized API

OLA opens up their personalized API

As per the recent stats- OLA, the largest cab aggregate app firm in India has declared the public release of their API. This application will make for majority of the mobile applications as well as individual inventors to incorporate Ola’s offering into their own forum. As per the PR, top rated brands such as Make My Trip, Help Chat, InMobi ...

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Expedia App for Samsung Galaxy users

Expedia App for Samsung Galaxy

Recent reports stated that Expedia has released an app primarily for Samsung Galaxy smart phones. Expedia already consisted of an app for both iOS and Android users but this move by this recognizable travel website is another initiative to attain more scalability in the market and among more number of users.   The app comprises of a launch screen which ...

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Fin-d the most suitable App with the WhichApp


An app for another. This is the most recent discovery that has taken place in the mobile world. WhichApp is the latest innovation that has been developed for the convenience of the mobile application users. The app have been developed by ‘PingOO’, keeping in mind the need of mobile consumers. The benefit of this mobile application is that it can ...

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Apple’s first ever app which allows Android users to migrate to iOS


As the reports of the Apple Inc. Apple released its first Android app with its iOS 9 for the people to tend to! The app- as per the Apple Inc. family; was mainly designed to assist Android users shift over to the apple iOS. This app is referred to as the Move to iOS and is now available for free ...

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WatchOS2 and iOS9 apps start appearing on the Apple App Store

WatchOS2 and iOS9 apps

With iOS 9 and watchOS 2 scheduled for release tomorrow, Apple has announced that third party apps can start taking advantage and gain momentum by launching new features ahead of the update. Apple had already released the Apple SDK for iOS 9 and watchOS 2 ahead of launch to ensure third party app developers could ready their apps so users ...

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The star touches the audience in an interactive way

Star Touch tablet app

Once again it is the Toronto Star that is under the spotlight for delivering news to its audience, as it has developed a new application for doing the same. Today, the company is unveiling ‘Star Touch’, which has been specially designed from tablets. The app focuses on reaching news to the users for free and that too, in a fast ...

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MyndBee makes it possible to take long distance group selfies


Selfies have become quite a popular in the recent years. They can be either taken in groups or all alone. In case of the group selfies, you had to gather with your friends and pose in front of the camera. But not anymore, says Mahesh Rajagopalan, cofounder of MyndBee. It is a technology company, based in Texas. MyndBee has developed ...

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Barneys now available at Apple store

Barneys app

Barneys New York is all set to reveal an application for its online magazine, namely ‘The Window’. This particular magazine is particularly popular among the women and it has managed to gain readership over 165,000. Apart from the women special magalogue, the media house is also associated with the printing of a men’s magazine, 70,000 copies of which have been ...

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