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Loco Cabs, the taxi app aggregator, Will now make your Ola and Ola bookings easier

Ola and Uber

Checking several apps while trying to find a cab is a widespread grouse and this spurred Neha Bora and Shalak Naik into considering a solo app that possibly will assemble information on each and every cab in the neighborhood and this resulted in the launch of Loco Cabs in the month of April of the present year. According to Naik ...

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The new weapon of ISIS is a Smartphone App

new weapon of ISIS is a Smartphone App

In this month the hacking combined Ghost Security Group ascertained that ISIS has been doling out an application that supplies news as well as videos that are laced with propaganda. This app that is Android-based is fundamentally a news portal that Amaq News Agency runs. This agency is thought to have tied with ISIS. Going by a tweet that was ...

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The Video Feature of ElfYourself app would brighten up the season

ElfYourself app

The impending holidays imply budgeting, gifts, parties and added events or basically, an immense amount of strain. Luckily, numerous apps that are present that could be of help in restoring a little holiday merriment. One great way of entertaining pals and getting yourself into a vacation frame of mind is by downloading the ElfYourself app. For using it, take snaps ...

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Apple modernizes Its News App for making more similar to a Newspaper

Apple modernizes Its News App

Apple is fine-tuning its News app, aiming to make this custom-made newsreader more interesting for users as well as publishers. This update of the Apple iOS app, which is scheduled to even out today, has a couple of components. Just one of these is going to able to be seen to customary users and the editors of Apple are going ...

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Fresh app for linking the homeless, defenseless with existing services they are accessible in Vancouver

link Vancouver’s vulnerable and homeless

Turning up at any shelter after its last vacant bed has been taken or the last hot food has been served can be distressing to anyone in-need. A fresh, web-based app, whose cell phone version is scheduled to be launched, has got underway for the linking the defenseless and homeless of Vancouver with imperative information regarding complimentary meals, shelters, showers ...

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Google’s App Streaming Technology now available for Mobile Ads

Google’s App Streaming Technology

In the month before, Google launched a new way that web searchers could use for finding the information they wish for and could do so even on the desired content being locked up inside a cell phone application. This celebrated search engine is going to generate results for content that is inside a mobile app, and present you with the ...

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With the Updated ESPN app you would not have to install WatchESPN for catching streaming live sports action

ESPN app

ESPN has commenced the consolidation of the couple of its biggest apps into a lone piece of software and today updated the Android and iOS9 adaptations of the ESPN app of it’s with the facility of watching live sports. Formerly, subscribers were only able to watch highlights and clips via this app, and anyone wanting to catch some live game ...

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WhatsApp is obstructing Links leading to Telegram, a contender App on Android

WhatsApp is obstructing Links leading to Telegram

Messaging giant WhatsApp, which is owned by facebook, looks like having began consciously obstructing links to adversary messaging app Telegram to prevent users from clicking on Telegram-related URLs inside their chats. These URLs simply show as unlinked wording., which is a Cell phone messaging client service Startup observed the issue early on today, and has posted blogs regarding it ...

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Amazon is actually fashioning a video app for the fresh Apple television finally

budget-friendly Chromecast of Google

During the course of the weekend, the tech support team of Amazon verifies that Amazon is presently working on a key Video app meant for the fresh Apple television. Amazon has turned into a key player in the field of streaming video curing the course of the past couple of/three years, and its lack of services on most recent streaming ...

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