Top 5 Mobile Apps for Medical Students

Apart from entertainment, mobile apps have the capability to help users at perplexed and jagged times. There have been several mobile apps for medical students which come with great video and audio presentations and assist them during the entire learning process.

1. Epocrates App for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows

This app is more popular among the physicians. More than 50% physicians in the United States depend on this app for crucial patient-centric solutions. The app can be used by medical students for knowing drug prescriptions and the required dosage. The app offers comprehensive details about almost every drug which includes adverse reactions, adult dosing, safety measures, black box warning, etc. The app proves to be the perfect solution for medical students by offering correct drug information on their fingertips.

Epocrates App

2. MedCalc 3000 Complete App for Android, iOS and Blackberry

This app proves quite handy, especially for those who have problems in remembering every medical formula. The app can assist the students with different calculations starting from complex ones to simple dose/unit converters. Acetaminophen toxicity assessment, children blood pressure percentiles, etc. is easily available to those who have this app. The application offers the students with a complete dictionary for all medical related formulas. Apart from that, explanations of the formulas are also provided.
iRadiology App for iOS

MedCalc 3000 Complete App

3. iRadiology App for iOS

The iRadiology medical app is available with extensive collection of radiology presentations accompanied by useful captions and labels to assist memorizing and learning. The best part about this app is that it allows the users to search for different case categories without the need of having an internet connection. The information available within the app has been derived from Harvard Medical Student Education Director, Mr. Gillian Lieberman.

iRadiology App

4. Eponyms App for Android

The app offers the medical students with more than one thousand seven hundred short descriptions of medical eponyms. Arranged in alphabetical order, the medical eponyms offer quick reference to nearly every pathological term. Students can prepare for their viva and internal exams with the help of this wonderful application. It can be extremely useful for students of different fields like Rheumatology, Neurology, Infectious Disease, Biochemistry and lots more.

Eponyms App

5. Prognosis App for Android and iOS

A brief overview of clinical study is offered by this app to the medical students. The app can be used by the students for investigating and diagnosing complex clinical cases. It helps in preparation of different exams like NCLEX, COMLEX, MCAT, CCRN, etc. The information available within the app is based on real case studies developed by expert medical specialists. Apart from that, a new case gets added to the content every week.

Prognosis App

Medical students can make the most out of these apps by having them on their smartphones. It is not only a vast resource base but also facilitates the learning process in a very effective manner.