Fresh app for linking the homeless, defenseless with existing services they are accessible in Vancouver

Turning up at any shelter after its last vacant bed has been taken or the last hot food has been served can be distressing to anyone in-need. A fresh, web-based app, whose cell phone version is scheduled to be launched, has got underway for the linking the defenseless and homeless of Vancouver with imperative information regarding complimentary meals, shelters, showers and supplementary services in a single package that they can access. Built up in cooperation with UBC Learning Exchange & Downtown Eastside Literacy Roundtable, This is a tool that gives visual communication priority over written words. The concept is making the information as easily available as likely while surpassing language and literacy obstacles.

link Vancouver’s vulnerable and homeless

According to William Booth coordinator of Literacy Outreach at DTES Literacy Roundtable that have already checked those in the society and these are what the community wishes for. A paw print is a pointer to whether pets are permitted. One more icon points to whether shopping carts are permitted on location. There are more icons depicting identification prerequisites, accessibility of telephones, WiFi, PCs and medicinal services or whether/not a service is exclusive for any gender. Kevin Tanyag, aged 29, who is the developer of this app, has just graduated from UBC and was doing the computer-science program there.