Google’s App Streaming Technology now available for Mobile Ads

In the month before, Google launched a new way that web searchers could use for finding the information they wish for and could do so even on the desired content being locked up inside a cell phone application. This celebrated search engine is going to generate results for content that is inside a mobile app, and present you with the facility of “streaming” the app from online to your cell phone, provided that it has not already been set up on your device.

Google’s App Streaming Technology

At the moment, Google is developing the capacities of app streaming and for this it is letting developers capitalize on the technology that is in place for app install ads operational on AdMob network, which at present has the capacity of reaching 650,000 applications. What this implies is that publishers of app will have the facility to turn out ads that are really mini adaptations of their cell phone games on their own and have a running time of up to 60 seconds.

According to Google an addition would be one of couple of fresh formats of app install ads appearing today, the added one being a means of creating tangible, “swipe facilitated,” more engaging as well as cell phone-friendly ads titled “Interactive Interstitials.”