‘TowIt’ – the app for calling out Cars that have been parked badly

When you notice a parked car riding the curb you are free to leave a vicious message on its windshield. And if you own the app TowIt, you may well capture a snap and (theoretically) have it flagged for an excellent towin’. This aggressive app, which can be got in Apple and Google versions, enables residents to report self-seeking/ unlawful parking and hazardous driving in real time, according to its makers. It stated further that TowIt works amid local law enforcement, municipal governments, and towing companies for removing the barriers necessary for making cities successfully fight and prevent terrible parking and hazardous driving habits.

TowIt App

The architect of this app was Michael McArthur who developed it in Toronto and in this place it has seemingly caught on with local cyclists. He expects that the geotagged diagram of parking wrongdoers will prove to be useful to authorities, which incidentally is sort of a flaw, as the effectiveness of this app is dependent on cops & towers that actively monitor it.

A report by Toronto Star reports McArthur to have stated that he has met up with the a number of the staff of the mayor while also reaching out to the Traffic Services, who have got in touch with him for discussing the app. He said that he is presenting the police with a complimentary solution, without any expenditure to them and any expenditure to taxpayers, which would simply be adding to their efficiency and thereby helping them save or make more money. As of now, this app appears to be of most use in shaming awful parkers online.