With the Updated ESPN app you would not have to install WatchESPN for catching streaming live sports action

ESPN has commenced the consolidation of the couple of its biggest apps into a lone piece of software and today updated the Android and iOS9 adaptations of the ESPN app of it’s with the facility of watching live sports. Formerly, subscribers were only able to watch highlights and clips via this app, and anyone wanting to catch some live game actions on his/her cell phone devices would be rerouted to Watch ESPN, which is a segregated install.

ESPN app

The move, which according to ESPN is the initial key step in blending its two most prevalent apps, comes when there is a rise in its app traffic. According to the network Watch ESPN raked up 11 million overall exclusive viewers in the month of September, observing 2.2 billion minutes worth of live action, a growth of 50 and 92 % year-on-year in that order, and making September its most-seen month from the time when the World Cup came to its conclusion. This is a year that has also fetched the top 12 of the highest viewers of Watch ESPN for leading five standard season college football contests, Monday Night soccer, and 13 most-seen standard season college soccer weeks.