Certified Star Wars Android app presently features an Android Wear wristwatch Front

Android Wear wristwatch

You are likely to have heard that a small movie named Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting released in a small number of weeks. This movie is likely to sell some tickets. Disney has let loose its advertising machine to ensure that the degree of publicity attains previously immeasurable degree, and a petite component of that are an updated ...

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iOS and Android – scientific tools on sale for them!

iOS and Android

Presently best deals contain Chemio on iOS, Reading Trainer on Windows Phone and Scientific calculator on Android. And this hot deal will be end without any kind of warning! So, if anyone interested about this deal contact now! Note- Please read it carefully. We make a hand-picked list of games and apps. We believe they are valuable for android users. ...

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Microsoft launches Cortana Beta for Android

Cortana Beta for Android

One of the biggest promises of Windows 10 has been the ability to connect across all the platforms and allow users to have a streamlined movement through PCs, tablets, Xbox Ones and phones. Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has been one of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 and it is being rolled out for Android. The cross platform experience is ...

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New Android App of Instant for tracking nearly anything

Self enthusiasts who had been somewhat fanatical about using technology for understanding themselves, their every day habits and own trends better have been privileged to have access to an extensive range of niche apps to pick from for calculating everything ranging from travel time, to athletic activity, and even the amount of time that for which you have been using ...

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Complimentary lock screen substitute for android launched by Microsoft

Things are eventful at Microsoft Garage which the company employees sharing experimental projects on which work has was being done by them. Picturesque Lock Screen is the latest release and this is a complementary Androd app which pus in practical functions, practical shortcuts and stunning images to the lock screen. Scenic Lock Screen provides the user with a feeling of ...

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QualityTime app – the Android App which lets you find out the amount of time that You Spend with Your smartphone

In the previous year, a study carried out by Bank of America carried revealed that almost 50 percent half of adults in USA are not going to go through their day without a smartphone. Those who wish to find out the amount of time that one spends with his/her smartphone should have a look at the QualityTime app meant for ...

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The Search App of Google That’s Meant for Android Undergoes Material Design Update and Gets New Features

The Google app meant for Android, one which deals with your voice searches, Updates on Google Now, is undergoing an update today which brings the novel Material Design UI of Google to this app for the devices already running Android Lollipop. This update also brings in numerous features which will be accessible on all Android phones and this is going ...

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Facebook’s Mandatory Messenger App Leads to Terrible Reviews on iTunes and Google Play Stores

Last month, Facebook announced that it is about to remove the private messaging utility from its major Android and iPhone apps throughout the world. In its place, users were asked to download a standalone Facebook Messenger app. Facebook has been asking users to download without delay since April, but the app was not made mandatory till just some days back. This Wednesday, Facebook verified that ...

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Mobile Chat for Facebook Through Standalone Messenger App Soon

Having seen the success of a pilot program made exclusively for messenger in Europe, Facebook is going to take away chat capabilities from its flagship mobile app. This will require the users of android, iOS, and Windows Phone device to depend on the standalone messaging software that is meant for such services. Facebook stated that in next small number of days, they ...

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OKCoin Releases Fresh Version of Its Android App

OKCoin, a digital currency exchange based in Beijing, has initiated a fresh version of its Android app which will let users use the complete trading features from anywhere. According to the company, this is the first mobile app from a bitcoin exchange that has complete features. This release in the wake of OKCoin adding more sophisticated algorithmic mechanisms to its ...

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