Google authenticates attainment of Agawi, an expert in Streaming Native cell phone Apps

Google authenticates attainment of Agawi

Native apps are preferred over the web by Smartphone users seeking information, entertainment, & more. Thus it is not surprising for one of the companies profiting the utmost from the use of the web by people is seeking ways to get them to use it more another time. Going by the Information, in the previous year Google furtively get their ...

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Google launches a ‘Free App of the week’ section on the Play Store

Free App of the week

To celebrate the launch of the new ‘Family’ section on the Google Play Store, Google has announced an ongoing offer that will allow users to get their hands on one app a week for completely free. As you can expect the titles will be completely child friendly. Apple has been offering iOS apps for free for quite some time every ...

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The most up-to-date Gmail app update by Google brings some great features

Gmail app update by Google

The Gmail app that you use is not merely a Gmail app anymore and it is now a Yahoo as well as Outlook app as well. On Monday Google disclosed that its most up-to-date update to the Gmail app is going to make it possible for a user to have a look at accounts from competitor email services like Yahoo ...

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Google Launches an Updated Search App for Users of Chromecast and Public Travelers

Google, the major internet search company in the world, launched updates to its Andriod mobile app. The trendy Search app of Google intended for Android users introduces novel features which make it simpler for travelers to move around in new areas. It has moreover put in added entertainment for the users of Chromecast. Updates are vital for apps because they ...

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Google Removes ‘Bomb Gaza’ App from its Play Store

Google took out a debatable game from its Play store this Monday which involved users dropping missiles from an Israeli aircraft on carton figures of the Hamas militants following uproar that this app was insensitive. In line with its description and a chain of screenshots, in this game Bomb Gaza that was uploaded to the store the previous week and ...

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Google to Remove Quickoffice from App Store

In a recent announcement, Google said that it would be removing the Quickoffice app from Apple’s App Stores in the upcoming weeks. Google makes this move while it is on the lookout to incorporate Quickoffice into Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps. Though the present Quickoffice users are able to keep on using this app new users won’t be able ...

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Latest Google Search App Helps You Find Your Car Easily

Spotting your car in the fully-packed parking lot can be difficult ask than other things after spending a full day shopping at a mall. With the latest Google update, the Google Search App available for Android phone users offers a new parking location feature. Hence you will not have a bad time hunting for your car taking a look at ...

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Google Tweets Image of its Blue Dialer App

We have seen a lot of hints regarding the updates for Android coming up in the recent weeks but there is no evidence of what such so good updates might offer, so far. However this trend is now changing as Google has tweeted the image to hint how its blue Dialer app would look in its future update. When responding ...

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Google Offers Better Protection for Buying Apps

The latest update of Google Play allows users to set the levels of difficulty to install any kind of apps on their Smartphone or tablet. This simple tweak would be highly welcomed by parents as it allows them to restrict their kids from downloading all kinds of apps using their gadget. This brand new option allows users to set their ...

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Google Faces Lawsuit over Kids’ Apps

Google made it very easy for kids to download any apps of their choice and make their parents to pay for big bills without even seeking their permission before doing so, states a new class-action suit. The lawsuit was filed at the District Court in US which is similar to the charges of Federal Trade Commission about Apple that was ...

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