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Facebook joins forces with media groups in an effort to get its news app underway

Facebook news app

Facebook is working on its most recent foray into news with the help of a new standalone app, Notify, which is lined up for launching in the week ahead, and includes content from several media partners that include the Washington Post, Vogue and CBS. This app will inform users of new chronicles from specialized media outlets with Facebook squaring up ...

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Facebook Moments update allows you to make music videos

Facebook music videos

Facebook released its latest version of the app, ‘Facebook Moments’ on Monday. The social network giant recently launched the photo sharing app recently to share photos among friends and the latest update brings forth a new feature through which users will be able to make music videos by stitching together photos from their Facebook account. The app automatically does this ...

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The app that lets you know the name of those who Unfriends You on Facebook

This App Tells You Who Unfriends You On Facebook

Are you aware of the person who had had removed you from his/her list of friends on Face book and their reason for this? Well an android and iPhone app is there for that, which comes with a browser extension for accomplishing the job. Given the name of “Who Deleted Me on Face book” this is an app that can ...

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App for helping people getting pulled over for drunk driving


Presently a new Smartphone app is there that would provide you with legal representation in case of a DUI. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a grave subject and the inventor of the App has stated that it has not been made to dismiss this issue. Initially you depress “trouble” and subsequently “get in touch with your legal representative.” ...

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Facebook Messenger App currently comes with Free Video Calling

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook made an announcement that its Messenger app currently comes with a video calling attribute for you to be able to have face-to-face dialogues with your family members and friends. You are able to quickly begin a video call from Facebook Messenger through a single tap. A video icon is located at the top right area of the monitor that ...

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Facebook brings in Hello, which is an app to act as a replacement for Android dialer

facebook hello app

Phone calls could be something that is not so fashionable now and even then American residents make a billion phone calls daily. However making calls is not that good an experience as phones do not always identify numbers, contacts are able to tough to handle, and they hardly ever capitalize on more up-to-date technologies such as Wi-Fi calling. Presently Facebook ...

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Amazon initiates Kindle Convert for Windows for helping in the Digitization of Paper Books

On Monday Amazon initiated a tool by the name of Kindle Convert for PC and this enables users to convert books in print to kindle ebooks. This software is up for sale and costs $19 and is attuned with Windows 8 and Windows 7-based devices. For converting their printed books into digital Kindle ebooks users must use a scanner that ...

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Facebook Working on App to Allow Anonymity

It’s been a long time that facebook has been attempting to be the place where, primarily, you can be yourself. Shortly, Facebook is going to let you be yourself, though under a dissimilar name. As said by a couple of individuals briefed on Facebook’s plans, who did speak on the clause of anonymity since they weren’t given the authorization to ...

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Nokia Launches Pocket Magnifier App for Windows Phone 8

A new app has been launched by Nokia called as Pocket Magnifier for its Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets. This exclusive app created by the Finnish mobile giant is the creation affiliated to RNIB or Royal National Institute of Blind People, UK. Those owners of Smartphones with issues in their vision can use the display of their Nokia Lumia as ...

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Top Facebook Action Game Apps

Some of the top Facebook action game apps are played by millions all over and draws the maximum visitors compared to other Facebook games. Unlike other games, these top action game apps on Facebook are loved by both teenagers and adults because of the adrenaline rush and excitement they provide. Avengers Alliance-Marvel This heavy action packed game features the superheroes ...

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