Loco Cabs, the taxi app aggregator, Will now make your Ola and Ola bookings easier

Checking several apps while trying to find a cab is a widespread grouse and this spurred Neha Bora and Shalak Naik into considering a solo app that possibly will assemble information on each and every cab in the neighborhood and this resulted in the launch of Loco Cabs in the month of April of the present year. According to Naik they had commenced with this app demonstrating the cabs accessible close at hand and followed this up by approaching Ola and Uber some months back for allowing them for making the bookings of Ola and Uber easier also.

Ola and Uber

Even as Loco Cabs were able to secure a combined program UI from Uber’s US headquarters some months back Ola declared the public launch of its UI, letting key cell phone apps along with private developers to incorporate the offerings of OLA onto the platforms that they use.

Even though there are additional analogous aggregator apps present, Loco has hopes of grabbing a greater portion of the cake by keeping its focus and digging into the municipal transportation segment more deeply. Similar to NIki, Loco also plays the part of the aggregator for minor travel companies as well as owners of cabs who make overnight journeys and journeys among cities and overnight journeys.