WhatsApp is obstructing Links leading to Telegram, a contender App on Android

Messaging giant WhatsApp, which is owned by facebook, looks like having began consciously obstructing links to adversary messaging app Telegram to prevent users from clicking on Telegram-related URLs inside their chats. These URLs simply show as unlinked wording. oriat.io, which is a Cell phone messaging client service Startup observed the issue early on today, and has posted blogs regarding it here. At this time links only look like being obstructed inside Android app, while no unlinking has been observed to take place going in iOS app. Even the most modern adaptation of the iOS app, which underwent updating on the 30th of November, has been checked. In view of this, it is likely that this is basically a bug and not an intentional try on the part of WhatsApp to put off its users from tapping into a contender service effortlessly.

WhatsApp is obstructing Links leading to Telegram

That being said, Jernej Virag, an Android developer, claims on having found confirmation in WhatsApp’s code that hints that it is in fact explicitly targeting Telegram. In a message on its personal website Telegram moreover claims that its Facebook page has been and for no noticeable reason. Pavel Durov founder Telegram depicts the attempt made by WhatsApp to obstruct links leading to its service as “thoughtless” while exchanging email with TechCrunch. Asa far as the missing of the facebook page Is concerned Durov did not express any concern and added that they had not use it and thus they had not even observed it.