App makers are surveying reasons of unsuccessful user retention

App makers are surveying reasons of unsuccessful user retention

Modern generation is addicted to the new technologies and gadgets. They are up to date about the modern technology and what is new in market is common interest among them. The smart phones are used for many purposes and to fulfill them they install numbers of application on their gadgets but they don’t use all of those applications regularly. They ...

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DDA has launched a new app for vacant land authorisation

DDA new App

A new app which is launched recently is dealing with the encroachment of curb land. This application will be functional from 20th October. The main purpose of this application is to help the household authority of a vacant land. Under the jurisdiction the housing authority is being allowed to keep a tab for this mobile application. DDA has launched this ...

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Now share your ride by Ola app

Ola app

Now you can share rides by your mobile app. Ola app is bringing this new feature called ‘Share’. Users of Ola app now can share their rides and can make it cheap. This app will be available in Bangalore and five cities within next month. Ola is a renowned app which deals with the safe, quick and comfortable travel in ...

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‘Companion’ app ensures you do not walk home alone

Companion app

We all have moments of panic when we walk home alone and suddenly feel kind of unsafe. The Companion app seeks to address this issue. ‘Companion’, a free app launched by Lexie Ernst. The app is targeted at students and other professionals who have to walk home alone and it is currently being tested in Boston. The Companion allows users ...

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New update in Drunk Mode app is making it more than a party app!

Drunk Mode app

Drunk mode app is being very popular among college and university students. This app launched in in the year of 2012 and it has almost one million users now. The basic goal of this app was to stop students from dialing when they are drunk. Now this app is expanding its motivations and is looking for safety of students. This ...

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Apple Inc. worried about user information security, removes third party apps from their store


Few weeks ago, the Apple users had faced one of the rarest events as far as their experience is concerned. In spite of an extraordinary track record of apple products, for having high class mobile or pc security system, many of the users had complained that their devices have been affected by virus and spyware. When such an incident had ...

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Light room app is being free for phone photographers!

Light room app

iPhone and iPad users can now use Light room mobile app without paying any subscription. This Adobe’s app is related to a photo editing tool which helps to manage desktop background photo. Light room mobile app was free to download but it was linked to the app of desktop and it was needed to be subscribed and pay for working ...

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Apple approves ad blocking app that blocks ads on system apps

Apple approves ad blocking app

Apple has recently approved an ad blocking app that also works for Apple’s system apps. Been Choice claims to block any kind of ads. The app is a combination of a content blocker for Apple’s Safari browser along with a VPN service. The VPN service works by filtering out any ad based traffic. In some cases the blocking service may ...

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Apple fails to attract consumers to Apple Pay app

Apple Pay app

An app has come in apple i phone to make the payment system easy to consumers. The name of this app is Apple Pay which helps users to buy things in a easy way. 2015 is declared as the year of apple pay by Tim Cook who is Chief executive Officer of Apple. But it has failed to capture the ...

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Tech Tips app will help to understand technologies easily

Tech Tips app

Now your smart phone can be your teacher. A media brand which is called Digit has brought a new app. The purpose of this app is to promote digital literacy and e-governance technology. The name of the app is Tech Tips which is a multilingual app too. Tech Tips is available in six several languages and they are English, Hindi, ...

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