Top 10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

Listed here are the 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 that will completely change your smart phone experience.

Considered to be the best phone in the world right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is powerhouse in itself. But this phone needs to be unleashed in the ‘right’ order so as to bring out the inner monster. Listed below are 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy S4, which will test the device completely.

1. HD Widgets

As the device comes with a full HD interface, it’s a perfect app to test its specs. It features a long list of useful widgets that are designed and well integrated for HD. It’s the perfect app to give the S4 that eye-catching look.

HD Widgets app for Samsung Galaxy S4

2. TuneIn Radio Pro

Being termed as the ‘World’s Radio’, this is the perfect app for every music lover out there. This app lets one to record anything that comes in TuneIn radio that streams news, music, comedy etc from every continent.

TuneIn Radio Pro app for Samsung Galaxy S4

3. Paper Camera

This is the app that displays real time painting and cartoon effects. All other popular apps in this category offer post-effect, but here everything is in real-time.

Paper Camera app for samsung

4. Grand Theft Auto III

This is a game that requires no further introduction. The name says it all. This is one of the best games to test the ‘skills’ of S4.

Grand Theft Auto III for samsung

5. Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO

When it comes to using a smart-phone, securing it from unwanted ‘attacks’ is a major concern. And when one is dealing with an S4, security does matter.

Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO

6. Real Racing 3

Considered by many to be setting a standard for racing games on the Android platform, it definitely should be the one to be downloaded first on a smart-phone which boasts S4’s caliber. It offers more than 45 cars including from the stable of Lamborghini, Porsche and Bugatti and features real tracks from around the world.

real racing 3 samsung galaxy s3

7. Wondershare Panorama

As the phone sports a 13 mega pixel camera, one needs to put its ability on test, and what better than this app that lets the user to take the ‘ever-so-tough and ever-so-popular’ wide panoramas with a single tap. It also comes with the added advantage of sharing it instantly with friends using popular social platforms.

Wondershare Panorama

8. Flipboard

This is an ideal app to explore the Air View feature of the S4. This app brings together social news and world news in a single magazine like format. And with Air View, one doesn’t even need to touch the screen to view the highlighted stories and headlines.

flipboard app samsung

9. Temple Run: Oz

Inspired from the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful and the game Temple Run 2 comes this new game from Disney which can be an ideal testing-ground for the S4. As the phone is loaded with a 5in HD AMOLED screen and boosted with anocto-core processor, it’ll be a litmus test for the phone to deliver the performance that it promises to deliver.

temple run oz samsung galaxy s

10. Photoshop Touch for Phone

From the shop of the ever-so-trusted Adobe comes this app bringing in almost the same features that accompany the desktop version. One can easily bid goodbye to their needs for a picture’s post processing effects.

Photoshop Touch for Phone